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UX, Design, Shopify Development

No nonsense, fresh, damn tasty a box.

Faced with the shutdown of all restaurants due to COVID-19 lockdowns, Patty&Bun needed to quickly pivot their business model in reaction to the crisis.
Food and Beverage, Hospitality

The solution: DIY Burger Kits, delivering the P&B experience to your home.

With a combination of high-quality ingredients and a novel experience for those stuck at home under lockdown, the concept took off instantly. Patty & Bun quickly realised they needed to invest in a scalable solution to handle their ever-increasing demand for home deliveries.

Bringing Patty&Bun into your own kitchen, with the ‘lockdown DIY Kits’

Both cost and speed to market were key for the brand - COVID19 turned the business landscape on its head overnight, and hit the hospitality industry particularly hard. Initially, we focused our efforts on leveraging Shopify with third party plugins from Zapiet and Lightward's Mechanic to solve some key operational and logistical challenges, supporting the P&B team as they worked to meet explosive demand while reconfiguring to deliver boxes of burgers all over London. One of the scaling challenges faced was tracking orders based on the chosen delivery date; we built a simple real-time dashboard that would live-update with order numbers, grouped by delivery date.

Patty Script Typography

After the core operational challenges had been solved, we focused our attention on bringing the store in-line with the rest of the brand identity. Along with redesigning the core elements of the site, Patty&Bun shared with us their custom TypeFace (based on their COO’s handwriting!) to tie everything together since it is also used throughout their restaurant locations.

It’s all about the experience.

With Covid-19, Patty&Bun converted overnight from a restaurant business to one operating wholly via ecommerce. A combination of a high-quality product, strong brand-loyalty from existing customers, and a viral social-media campaign, left the business needing an ecommerce solution to match. After initially only offering deliveries within London, customers throughout the UK can now order the DIY boxes for overnight delivery, and the brand went on to win the R200 2021 Resilience Award for their DIY burger kits.
Based on the project’s success, we have since also helped their sister brand, Sidechick, with some of the same challenges in the context of hot-food delivery!

Project Challenges